Mark Arroyo, DDS

Meet Dr. Arroyo

Dr. Mark Arroyo, hailing from a bustling family of 9 siblings, was raised in the sunny city of El Paso, TX. His aspirations to become a dentist began to take shape at the age of 14. Graduating from the University of Texas HSC at San Antonio marked the foundation of his educational journey, followed by a notable internship with the University of Utah. Driven by a commitment to serving underserved communities, he dedicated 3 years of his career to Truth or Consequences, NM.

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Subsequently, he embarked on a new chapter in Utah, where he established a thriving dental practice that gained both recognition and success over a span of two decades. Eventually, the allure of sunnier horizons led his family to make the bold move to Mesa. Beyond his dental endeavors, Dr. Arroyo finds joy in perfecting his golf swing on the greens or draining three-point shots on the basketball court.

Together with his wife, his partner in life for 26 wonderful years, they are blessed with 4 beautiful children and a canine companion named Oreo. Dr. Arroyo eagerly anticipates the opportunity to meet and serve you, all while cherishing the thought of never having to shovel snow again.


Dental Background 

Having inherited weak teeth and lacking proper oral hygiene during my youth, my dental condition wasn’t ideal. Unpleasant encounters with dentists while growing up have contributed to my dental phobia. It often leaves me questioning why I chose this profession. Even today, when I undergo check-ups and discover the need for fillings or crowns, it induces a considerable amount of stress. When patients express their dislike for dentistry, I can genuinely empathize with them and understand their sentiments.

Fortunately, my own dental experiences have shaped me into a better dentist. I make every effort to ensure our patients’ comfort and minimize any potential pain. I prioritize listening to their concerns and fulfilling their desires, whether it’s resolving a toothache or achieving the perfect smile. High-pressure sales tactics are not my style; instead, I take pleasure in providing accurate information, explaining available options, and allowing you to make an informed decision. I would love to help you. Give us a call and lets chat.