Orthodontics in Mesa, AZ

We offer the option of either traditional braces and/or 'invisible' aligners to make your smile awesome!

Braces are best for very crooked teeth. Braces work 24/7 and can move teeth in any direction. However with braces everyone knows you have them and they are great at trapping food

Aligners are great for smaller corrections or when your teeth have shifted after having braces. They are nearly invisible and are not worn when eating. You must be motivated to wear aligners because they should be worn about 22 hours a day.

We are able to make our own aligners in office and they are awesome! We are able to have complete control over the entire process. We use top materials to fabricate the tray and can easily and quickly replace an aligner if the dog eats it. We also save money from making our own aligners and we are happy to pass that savings on to you.

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