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Pediatric Dentistry in Mesa, AZ

When should your child's first Dentist Appointment be?

Every child is different, and every set of developing teeth has different needs. Dr. Arroyo advises parents to brush their children's teeth and gums with a baby toothbrush or a wash towel. If anything doesn't seem right please bring them in for a visit. Most children should be seen before they are three years old.

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that for all children, a minimum of two visits per year to a dentist is needed to ensure healthy dental development.


This frequency is recommended for a number of important reasons.

  1. Teeth cleanings at each visit help rid the teeth of cavity-causing plaque buildup that regular brushing and flossing alone cannot remove. Regular appointments also give the pediatric dentist the opportunity to provide fluoride treatments.
  2. Sealants may also be an important treatment for your child. Sometimes cavities are nearly unavoidable due to the buildup of bacteria in the tiny cracks and grooves in teeth that are impossible to reach, regardless of how good a job the child does at brushing. In these cases, Dr. Arroyo can apply a sealant, which fills up these cracks and grooves with a durable plastic that protects the tooth from developing these stubborn cavities.

Ultimately, It is very important that visits to the dentist are fun and supportive experience that help to encourage a child to take good care of their mouths throughout their whole life.

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